Are you building your dream house and need a new roof?
Do you need professional help with the design and erection of your roof?
Do you need to do repairs on your existing roof?

Juet Roofing can help you...

A new roof is a big investment.

We want to help you get a quality roof at the best price!

Juet Roofing is the Roof Construction solution for you!

Here are the reasons why:

Top quality DESIGN with the Multinail system ensures optimal use of materials and resources.

Using the BEST materials like Biligom® timber and leading tile ranges from suppliers like Castcrete tiles ensures we save you money without compromising quality.

Excellent MAINTENANCE service ensures your roof stays in the condition you need it to be and gives you peace of mind.

Juet Roofing use the strongest SABS approved structural timber to manufacture their trusses and roofs. See why Biligom® timber is the best where we show a pressure test and the straightness of this wood. No warping or buckling with age and pressure so you get the best roof possible ... for longer!

Contact the Juet Roofing Team today to see how we can help you save money while getting the best roofing solution for your needs.
We guarantee we can make the difference.

Don't just take our word for it... see some of our projects.

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