Juet Roofing has worked themselves up into the niche market of slate roofs. After several setbacks and school fees paid along the line have we succeeded to not only penetrate the market of slate roofs but also to be highly competitive regarding cost and quality. Juet has taken the lead and is actually the only slate roofer in Gauteng that has their own truss plant.  All the other slate roofers only supply the roof covering and labour installing it. All the other roof truss manufacturers will only supply the trusses and get a sub-contractor to supply and fit the roof covering. We supply the under-slate, natural slate, labour and the roof is done with Biligom timber.


Slate roofs are by far the most expensive roof that you get as a standard in South Africa. The reason that it is so expensive is mainly that the roof has two layers of roof cover. The first layer consist of a product called underslate. This is the actual water proofing layer of the roof.  It is laid together with the slate tiles overlapping the other layers to ensure that the roof is watertight. This product is imported and will increase the cost of the roof as the South African rand devalues against the major currencies of the world.


Natural Slate 

Natural slate is a form of soft rock that are found close to Gauteng mainly in the North-West province. The rock is mined in the areas from Swartruggens to Zeerust and Koster. The miners loosen these layers from the rocky beds and then scissor cut it into the sizes needed for the roof tiles.  The standard tile sizes are 280mm x 255mm or 280mm x 225mm. Two holes are drilled into the top area of the tiles whereby it is nailed into the battens of the roof. There were other sizes used in the past but these are the only sizes cut as a standard in South Africa.


Laying of these tiles should only be attempted with highly skilled labour as this will ensure the quality of the final product. The #truss spacing using the Biligom product is 850mm and the batten spacing is 190mm.

Biligom ( http://www.biligom.co.za )

Is the the new timber used by only selected truss fabricators. This is a product that are far more superior than the old pine timber that had been used in the past.  The timber has phenomenal strength and is the only timber that stay straight after loosened from their blondes.