Juet Roofing is a leader in the roofing Industry. Our major suppliers of roof tiles include Aveng Infraset, Monier, Marley and Castcrete. Below is a breakdown of the strengths of all these products and a description of our product range. Contact us if you need help with making the best selection for your roofing project.

AVENG Infraset’s state-of-the-art, multi-million rand fully-automated concrete roof tile plant supplies three popular profiles which are in great demand: Sunset TM, a bold roll tile, Horizon TM, a shingle tile and Sunrise 4.4 TM, a deep roll tile, in a range of six through-colours, including a multicolour ‘vintage’ finish. A special range of Sunset tiles has been developed for the affordable housing market and these have been deployed on several housing projects. Although competitively priced, these tiles retain the inherent aesthetic and durability properties which make concrete roof tiles such an attractive roofing solution for the affordable housing market.

In addition, AVENG Infraset’s roof tiles are prepacked in a five-tile pack for easy stacking on truss assemblies prior to laying. This method, together with secure strapping in the yard minimizes any breakages during transportation and on-site handling. The design of our roof tiles also includes reinforced transversal ribs for extra strength. Trained roof construction teams comprising four people take approximately one hour to complete the roof of a 42 m2 house. This high level of productivity means that a team can erect eight roofs in a day. Our commitment to service and delivery ensures a quick turnaround.

  • Easy loading: Aveng Infraset roof tiles are pre-packed in an easy-to-handle five-tile pack making loading and stacking onto the roof quick and secure.
  • Secure strapping: All Aveng Infraset concrete roof tiles are securely strapped in the yard to minimise any breakages during transportation.
  • Quick turnaround: Our commitment to quality service and delivery ensures a quick turnaround time at the point of loading.
  • Multi-Blend applications: Multi-Blend tiles should be premixed on the ground before moving to the roof surface. The ratio of tiles to be used in our Vintage Multi-Blend colour ranges can be found in the product pages and the brochures.



As part of the Braas Monier Group, all Monier Coverland roof materials are tested in the Technical Centre in Germany before they are launched into the market. Roof tiles undergo test in a wind tunnel, unique to the industry. Only when the new products have passed the wind tunnel tests and numerous other performance tests, including long-term durability, does the Braas Monier Group release the products for sale. This ensures our customers receive quality roof materials for long-lasting roofs.


Always eager to set new standards in style, quality and excellence, Coverland Roofing rose to the challenge by developing the striking Coverland Taunus range.

Not only does it represent the highest standards in technical refinement, but now, thanks to Coverland Roofing's unique production capability, the Taunus is stronger, more balanced and above all, more affordable than its predecessor.

Taunus boasts a required incline of 17°, making it the perfect choice for low-pitched roofs. It’s deep roll creates roofs of majestic character with it’s bold, striking contours and organic undulating rolls.

Coverland recommends that you view actual tile samples before making a purchasing decision. Colours may vary due to the digital conversion of the files.

Double RomanPerspectiveRenown Elite CopolaTaunus

Blending tradition with technology for beautiful, high performance roofs - Marley Roofing should be your first choice for all your roofing solutions. Marley Roofing South Africa is leading the way as the need for building materials that contribute to a sustainable way of doing business grows. Marley recognizes that architects, engineers, developers and owners are seeking efficient, innovative building solutions that are not only durable, but also engineered to suit the surrounding environmental conditions and incorporate sustainability features.

double-roman-plus (1)double-roman homestead (1) ludlow mendip (1) modernmonarch
Marley’s extensive roofing solutions include concrete roof tiles in a variety of profiles and style, lending themselves to different applications depending on the individual needs of the project. Concrete roof tiles are being increasingly recognised for its added environmental benefits as a means to support creative and effective sustainable development.

CastCrete overview coming soon.