Described as classic roof tiles with the extra bold roll, the Double Roman roof tile is the modern successor to the Roman clay tile. We have completely redesigned this traditional profile to the latest international standards and greatly enhanced its character and performance.

The Marley Double Roman brings stunning good looks to all roof applications
The extra bold roll creates roofs of outstanding character which perform exceedingly well at all pitches. The Double Roman offers all the functional benefits of today’s interlocking concrete tile technology for a clean, aesthetic roofline.

From our top-of-the-range M22-coated tiles with their rich silky colours to our Antique finish, the Marley Double Roman is a universal, affordable choice for all classic and contemporary architectural styles.

Marley concrete roof tiles’ precision interlocks and weatherbars are the result of scientific research and wind-tunnel testing. These state-of-the-art features provide maximum protection against wind-driven rain and water capillary action.

Double Roman M22 is available in Slate, Red, Emerald Green, Brown and Terracotta.

inland-double-roman-m22-terracotta-DRM2TC   inland-double-roman-m22-slate-DRM2SL   inland-double-roman-m22-red-DRM2RE   inland-double-roman-m22-emerald-green-DRM2EM   inland-double-roman-m22-brown-DRM2BR

Double Roman Antique is available Terracotta, Amber and Brown.

inland-double-roman-plus-antique-amber-DPANAM   inland-double-roman-plus-antique-brown-DPANBR   inland-double-roman-plus-antique-terracotta-DPANTC

Double Roman Standard Throughcolour is available in Slate, Red, Terracotta, Brown and Amber.

inland-double-roman-standard-throughcolour-amber-DRSTAM   inland-double-roman-standard-throughcolour-brown-DRSTBR   inland-double-roman-standard-throughcolour-red-DRSTRE   inland-double-roman-standard-throughcolour-slate-DRSTSL   inland-double-roman-standard-throughcolour-terracotta-DRSTTC