The modern concrete roof tile in the classic slate tradition
We have combined the beauty and character of natural slate and wood shingles with the strength and durability of concrete. The Marley Modern slate roof tile has a positive slate-like appearance which is further enhanced by the necessary ‘broken-bond’ tiling practice on the roof.

The Modern slate tile creates a contemporary roof line with a blend of 'old world' charm and elegance in an exciting range of exclusive colours and finishes. The Modern tile provides a highly cost-effective alternative to natural slate (at roughly half the price) and eliminates the ongoing maintenance requirements normally associated with natural slate roofs.

From our top of the range M22-coated tiles with their rich silky colours through to the Antique and Rustic finishes and the multi-colour Designer Range, the Marley Modern slate roof tile offers a large choice of aesthetic options as well as cost-effective solutions for upmarket applications.

Marley concrete roof tiles’ precision interlocks and weatherbars are the result of scientific research and wind-tunnel testing. These state-of-the-art features provide maximum protection against wind-driven rain and water capillary action.

Modern M22 is available in Slate and Emerald Green.

inland-modern-m22-emerald-green-MDM2EM   inland-modern-m22-slate-MDM2SL

Modern Antique is available in Terracotta


Modern Standard Throughcolour is available in Slate and Brown.

inland-modern-standard-throughcolour-brown-MDSTBR   inland-modern-standard-throughcolour-slate-MDSTSL

Modern Rustic Range is available in Terracotta, Brown, Slate and Amber.

inland-modern-rustic-range-brown-MDANRB   inland-modern-rustic-range-slate-MDANRSL   inland-modern-rustic-range-terracotta-MDANRT   inland-modern-rustic-range-amber-MDANRA

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