The classic bold roll tile in the Mediterranean tradition
For centuries, Mediterranean ‘under-and-over’ clay tiles have been produced with a straight front edge. True to this tradition, the Marley Monarch roof tile is manufactured with a straight edge.

This top award-winning roof tile profile, with its perfectly rounded extra bold roll and straight front edge, recreates closely the character and beauty of traditional under-and-over clay tiles in a concrete roof tile of superior performance.

The square cut on the front edge accentuates the strong shadow lines and depth of the profile and enhances the crisp, much sought-after character of this unique tile on the roof.

From our top of the range M22-coated tiles, with their rich silky colour, to our exclusive Designer Range and our Antique Throughcolour, the Marley Monarch creates outstanding roofs in the great Mediterranean tradition.

Marley concrete roof tiles’ precision interlocks and weatherbars are the result of scientific research and wind-tunnel testing. These state-of-the-art features provide maximum protection against wind-driven rain and water capillary action.

Monarch M22 is available in Slate, Terracotta, Emerald Green, Brown and Amber.

inland-monarch-m22-slate-MOM2SL   inland-monarch-m22-terracotta-MOM2TC   inland-monarch-m22-emerald-green-MOM2EM   inland-monarch-m22-brown-MOM2BR   inland-monarch-m22-amber-MOM2AM

Monarch Antique is available in Terracotta, Amber and Brown.

inland-monarch-antique-terracotta-MOANTC   inland-monarch-antique-amber-MOANAM   inland-monarch-antique-brown-MOANBR

Monarch Standard Throughcolour is available in Slate, Terracotta, Brown and Amber.

inland-monarch-standard-throughcolour-amber-MOSTAM   inland-monarch-standard-throughcolour-brown-MOSTBR   inland-monarch-standard-throughcolour-slate-MOSTSL   inland-monarch-standard-throughcolour-terracotta-MOSTTC

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