Juet Roofing design and manufacture roofs. We supply roofing products like pre-fabricated trusses, roof tiles, loose timber and sundry roofing supplies to all kinds of clients like DIY home builders to building contractors.

We specialize in all aspects of roof design from very simple structures to extremely complex designs, which includes:

  • Standard and non-standard residential type buildings
  • Scissor / Curved Trusses
  • Exposed Trusses
  • Rafters & Beams
  • Bali Style Roofs


Our truss factory produces pre-fabricated roof trusses and our teams install trusses, roof riles and other roofing materials per specifications.

You can find more details about the manufacture and installation of prefabricated roof trusses here.
As an addition to pre-fabricated trusses, we also trade tiles / fittings and loose timber for our “do it yourself” customers.Slate Roof

We are extremely competitive with our tile and timber prices as we have very good relations with all major role players in the industry, thus get the products at the cheapest rates, that we convey back to you, our valued customers.