Juet Roofing sells loose timber for our “do it yourself” customers.  We are the supplier of Billigom® in Gauteng. Read more about Billigom® wood here.

We are extremely competitive with our tile and timber prices as we have very good relations with all major role players in the industry, thus get the products at the cheapest rates, with we convey back to you, our valued customers.



Biligom® timber is the future timber of the construction industry.

Why choose Biligom® timber?

  • twice as strong as pine
  • available in all sizes necessary
  • much more affordable than pine 
  • the wood is treated so it lasts much longer
  • because of the finger joints all stress is relieved so it never twists or warps


For an online timber quotation, please see this calculator.




Biligom strength test

Juet shows Biligom's straighness