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Juet Roofing's current service delivery area is 50 km from Church Square in Pretoria. The obligation rest with the customer to ensure that his/her house falls within the service delivery area.

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Terms & Conditions

Inspection means the physical inspection of a roof. The inspection will be done by a representative of Juet Roofing, arriving in a vehicle that will have his own equipment to carry out an inspection on a roof. The inspector will speak to the representative of the house to inquire about any existing water leakages that might already be apparent in the house. The person will then be getting on the roof/roofs of all buildings on the same premises with a step ladder and carry out the inspection by doing the following. Cleaning and removing any rubbish that might be covering any part of the roof. No lifting of tiles or removing of any roof covering will be done to perform the cleaning of the roof except if there was mention of a water leak. Only roof covering in the close proximity of the roof leak will be removed to establish the origin of the leak. Cleaning of the area under the roof covering will also only be done in close proximity of the water leak. All rubbish coming from the roof will be left as it fell from the roof, except if there was an additional payment done when booking the original inspection. The accumulation of the material onto one pile will be done after the owner or his representative pointed out a position for the pile. Juet Roofing can arrange removal of rubbish material at an additional charge. Please inquire when booking the inspection. No work that has not been paid for prior to inspection will be done the day of the inspection even if the owner of the house is willing to make a cash payment therefor (Our inspectors and workers do not accept cash payments).

The roof inspector will take notes of the findings and also take pictures to back his findings. Juet Roofing will appoint a second person to evaluate the findings that was accumulated from the roof by the inspector. There will be a recommendation done by Juet Roofing on the findings of the roof within 10 working days. The recommendation will be accompanied by a specified quotation. The owner will have no obligation to accept the quotation presented by Juet Roofing. The specified quotation and recommendation will enable the house owner to get comparative quotes and fix the roof at the lowest price possible. The cost saving will be much more than the fee spent on the inspection. Please take note that this inspection will only be done on the roof outer area to prevent water leaks. This will not be an inspection to establish the strength of the trusses. That might be included in the recommendations.

Maintaining your roof:
Juet Roofing can maintain the roof for an additional cost to ensure that the roof stay watertight after addressing the recommendations. Juet Roofing will have a team cleaning your roof every 6 months. The customer signing up for this service will have an automated messenger reminding him of the next inspection date one month prior to the inspection and then again one week prior to inspection and then the day before the inspection. The customer will have the ability to inform and change the automated messenger to a suitable date should he not be available for the specific date. All actions will be automated to ensure that human error is ruled out of Juet’s service.

All contracts will be signed and paid online. All customers will receive an automated invoice after payment of the full amount upfront. The automated system will schedule all inspections and maintenance dates while the customer would have the option to change the specific date no later than two weeks prior to the action-date. Only payments will confirm the contract between a customer and Juet Roofing. Termination of a contract will not be accepted after payment has been done. Should any contract be terminated by the customer for any reason what so ever will there be no refund on any payment. Juet Roofing cannot commit to a contract with a customer for a roof inspection or roof maintenance should the roof to be inspected be more than 50 km from Church Square in Pretoria. The obligation rest with the customer to ensure that his house falls within the 50km radius of Church Square in Pretoria. Juet Roofing will have the ability to change any inspection or maintenance date due to weather or any other situation to ensure safety first at all times. In this instance will Juet Roofing reschedule the date and will the customer once again have the ability to change it if it’s not suitable. After the contract has expired the system automatically sends a renewal notification to the customer for another anual contract.